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Overview of the analysis

​In case of an order, please contact us so that we can forward it to Novogenia GmbH, the analyser. Ordering e-mail address:

The laboratory cost of our genetic analyses, i.e. the fee for each analysis, is HUF 44.800. This fee is payable per purchase to the laboratory that performs the analysis. The fee is automatically added to your shopping basket.
The delivery fee for NutriMe Complete is 6.000.- Ft. Our prices include VAT!

Before and during pregnancy

Pregnancy Sensor

Prenatal care

Ordering price: 115 000 HUF

During and after pregnancy

Breast Milk Sensor

Omega-3 measurement in breast milk

Ordering price: 97 000 HUF

NutriMe Complete

Optimális táplálék-kiegészítés a gének alapján

1 month 48 000 HUF
2 months 75 000 HUF
3 months 99 000 HUF
6 months 189 000 HUF

Analyses of the child

Baby Sensor

Newborn screening

Ordering price: 115 000 HUF


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